Fixed Deposits Account – High Interest Rates In Nigeria

Why Open A Fixed Deposits Account?

Need to grow your money in a short time between 30 -180 days or more? Then, you should try our fixed deposits account. It enables you to Invest a lump sum with us safely for a specific period of up to 180 days and earn a pre-agreed interest rate. While we’re growing your investment, you’ll be able to use all our electronic banking channels free of charge. Investments can be cashed out with interest or reinvested.

More about our Fixed Deposits Account

With our fixed deposits account, you can grow your money because the account lets you invest a specific amount of money for a fixed period of time, at an agreed interest rate. At the end of the agreed period (tenor), the investment can either be rolled over (re-invested) or liquidated (returned to customer) with the interest amount earned.

Example: You can invest N100,000 in your fixed deposits account for 180 days, at an agreed interest rate, and at the end of the tenor, you can choose to roll it over for another 180 days or withdraw your investment or move it into your savings account or any other account with us. It is that simple.