Western Union Money Transfer

Money Transfer Across Borders

Do you know you can receive or send money directly from your account abroad with our western union money transfer? Yes, you can! Take advantage now!

US Dollars Payout either as Cash Pick up or directly into your Bank account – it is entirely your choice

You can receive Money Transfer in US Dollars directly into your Wema bank Domiciliary account or over the counter at any Wema Bank branch nationwide. Tap into this opportunity.

We at Wema bank understand the need to connect Nigerians in Diaspora with their loved ones here at home and vice-versa, that is why our customers can enjoy the Send and Receive options via Western Union Money Transfer from all our branches nationwide. This service enables people to send & receive money from over 250 countries through  Agent locations worldwide using its web-based application.

Western Union and Wema Bank also have an exciting new service called Account Based Money Transfer (ABMT) which allows you receive funds directly into your Wema Bank account via the Bank’s Internet banking platform and digital banking platform, ALAT App.