Prepaid Cards

Get a Prepaid Card for better financial control. Top up money, pay bills, manage your spending the smart way.

What are Prepaid Cards?

A prepaid card allows you to spend whatever amount of money is stored on the card. Once the balance is used up, you can reload the card online, or at any of our branch offices closest to you. Prepaid cards are issued by banks and branded by major payment companies, including Visa, MasterCard, and Verve.

Benefits of Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card is as good as cash and sometimes even better:

  • It is a safe way to carry money around unlike, say, a wad of paper money. Prepaid cards also come with certain consumer protections, while cash does not.
  • A prepaid card can be used for online purchases.
  • It can make a more attractive gift than cash.
Wema prepaid cards

Ready To Get A Prepaid Card?

Take your easy transactions, bills payment, and etcetera
to the next level with a prepaid card.


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Wema Utility Card (Verve)

A smart and convenient way to manage your bills and daily expenses is through the use of the Wema Utility Prepaid ATM Card. You can get a card for your teenage child, your nanny, your chef, your driver, or people under your pay list. Besides convenience, when you use Wema Utility Prepaid Card, you are sure your primary bank account is not exposed to the risk of internet fraud or physical theft.

Wema Utility Prepaid Cards are a wallet-based naira denominated Verve Card. As a prepaid card, you are expected to preload the value you anticipate spending. Wema Utility Prepaid Cards presents the most convenient loading and reloading functionality, as it could be loaded by fund transfer through any e-banking channel.

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Visa USD Travel Card

A Visa USD Travel Card or Travel Utility Card is a USD denominated ATM Card that you can take with you anywhere in the world and that helps you manage all your travel expenses. You can pre-load your travel card and take it for your shopping sprees and travel errands, anywhere in the world.

Unlike other cards, the Travel Utility card is prepaid which means that you will have to load money on the card to use it. The card is linked to a virtual prepaid account so that all transactions made with the card are reflected instantly on the prepaid card account. This card works everywhere your debit card would work. Meaning that it is accepted wherever Visa is around the world. Read more about all our cards here.

Ready To Get A Prepaid Card?

Take your easy transactions, bills payment, and etcetera
to the next level with a prepaid card.

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