Why Join Wema Bank

We understand that being an employer of choice goes beyond the regular pay package. It involves listening, training, mentoring, a genuine concern for what people really care about, and acting upon them. In essence, it involves connecting to people’s hearts and desires.

Working with Us

Are you looking at starting a new career? Are you willing to make a career switch from your current organization? Then make Wema Bank your preference! Wema Bank is one of Nigeria’s most resilient banks with over 75 years in the business of banking, and also the pioneer of the first Africa’s fully digital bank “ALAT”. This resilience & innovative nature of the Bank has won the loyalty of customers and attracted the right talent.

A career at Wema Bank offers you a chance to make an impact in the financial industry. We have roles spanning across our different business segments, Finance, Technology, Human Capital Management, Marketing/ Sales, Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Legal Services etc. If you are interested in becoming a part of our world-class team, please explore the opportunities available and apply.

Our Vision
Empowering lives through innovation
Wema Bank continuously offers newer and better products and services.
giving people greater control over their financial lives and paths

Our  Mission

To be the dominant digital platform in Africa delivering seamless financial services

Wema Bank strives to position itself as a leader in Africa's financial services market through digital


Our Values

Think Passion
Think Partnership
Think Progress
Think Plenty
Think Play