Invisible Transactions

This involves payment for services and requires duly completed Form ‘’A’’ which is a regulatory form to be completed by customers for processing of all invisible transactions in Nigeria while other requisite documents for each type of service is as contained in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Foreign Exchange Manual.

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The list of eligible invisible transactions includes;

The list of other eligible invisible transactions includes;

• Management & Technical Service
• Copyright, Patent & Royalties Payment
• Profits & Dividend Remittances
• Aircraft Lease Fees
• Expatriate Personal Home Remittances
• Advertisement Outside Nigeria
• Membership subscriptions
• Software Licenses
• Remittance on electronic Capital Importation Certificate (eCCI)
• Cash Gifts & Miscellaneous Provisions
• Registration & Examination fees
• Debt repayment
• Conferences, Seminars & Training
• Subscription for periodicals