Global Trade and Correspondent Banking

Bank of Africa (BOA) Bilateral Partnership

The BOA bilateral partnership is an agreement between Wema Bank and Bank of Africa (BOA) group to facilitate trade flows and transactions between customers and non-customers of both institutions involved in intra Africa trade. 

Bank of Africa Group is part of BMCE Bank of Morocco, the third largest bank in Morocco established over 35 years ago. It provides solid strategic and operational support to BOA group as well as direct access to international markets due to its presence in Europe, Asia North America and Shanghai (China).

Money Transfer Services

At Wema Bank, we offer you a world of convenience with our variety of money transfer services which allows you to receive and send funds both locally and internationally.

Our service offerings include:

  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • MoneyGram Money Transfer
  • Small World Money Transfer
  • Nouveau Mobile Limited

These services are available in all our branches nationwide.

Our Service Offerings

For more details on our Western Union Money Transfer and MoneyGram Money Transfer offerings, click here.