Corporate Banking

WEMA Bank Corporate Banking Solution

Our range of corporate banking solutions and services are designed to increase your productivity, growth, get leverage over your competitor's dream, and turn opportunities into profit.

Consider your bank account a business asset with our corporate banking

When you consider the advantages that come with a WEMA Bank Corporate Account and the many benefits to your business, coupled with the support and guidance you receive from your ever-attentive relationship manager, you would be right to consider it a valuable business asset.

Our Corporate Banking Addons

1. Electronic Banking

Business is increasingly mobile as opportunities may arise far from the home base. Our electronic banking platforms can keep you connected to your funds wherever you may be on the planet.

2. Card Solutions

Paying with plastic is steadily becoming the rule rather than the exception. But our corporate cards aren’t only about replacing cash, as there is so much more you can do with them.


Investment & Loans

Ideas capable of reshaping our world often require vast sums of money to bring to life. Our loans have never met an idea they couldn’t birth. So bring on the big ideas and let’s change the world together.


Finance Current Assets or meet payments on expenses

This is a credit facility which allows the borrower to draw, within a specified tenor usually not exceeding 12 months.

Term Loans

  The Ideal product for Finance Asset acquisition

This product is designed to finance asset acquisition, general capacity expansion and long-term financing needs.

Import Finance Facility

Get Financed to import your goods

Loan granted to finance importation of raw materials or finished goods, an Advance facility offered specifically to facilitate the importation.

Finance Lease Facility

Get a loan to finance the acquisition of that Asset

Loan granted to finance the acquisition of an asset e.g., motor vehicles, generating sets etc. 

Agric Finance

Get working capital finance to meet your expenses

Agricultural Finance refers to facilities granted for the following purposes.