A Bank? A University? Why Not Both?

In the five months of the publication of this newsletter, we have walked you through the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA); the 2020 Nigeria Finance Act; sourcing finances for your business; and even the intricacies of managing those funds once you have acquired them. If you have been following us on the journey thus far, we hope your businesses have begun to reap the benefits of your new knowledge. Click here for Volume 1 and Volume 2

We have received your feedback and heard your reviews, and we can say that, to some considerable measure, we have done well. Happy customers mean a happy bank, and we are very happy, but your happiness raises a new challenge for us.

Put simply: what next?

What is the next thing that we can do for our customers? How can we continue to create value and exceed the expectations of our customers while doing so?

The needs of all business owners in Nigeria are very well known; access to finance, lack of knowledge around government regulations and market developments, power supply, dearth of suitable talent, and, in some cases, a simple lack of business know-how. We have made efforts to address the first two, through our services as a bank, and through our monthly publications. For the third, we have an attractive asset acquisition scheme that can provide the funds for customers to acquire items such as generators and inverters. For the fourth, well…please do not poach any of our amazing and world-class staff. This leaves us with the fifth challenge, and we have selected this as our focus for the next couple of months.

As the bank that is with you all the way, we are proud to introduce our first-of-its-kind training facility for business owners: the Wema SME Business School.

The Wema SME Business School is an initiative aimed at bridging key knowledge gaps for SMEs in Nigeria. It was birthed in the bank’s bid to identify and solve major problems plaguing SMEs in the country and is specifically designed to impact skills and knowledge that are relevant to players within the SME segment. We believe that the problems SMEs face in Nigeria can largely be curtailed with the right knowledge, skills and tools that enable effective business management, and a better understanding of the macro-economy within which they operate.

Wema Bank will be running a school for business owners. Talk about innovative customer service!

The Wema SME Business School is open to any business owner who is interested in managing his/her business more effectively to achieve any business goal. There are no academic prerequisites for admission into the program. The simplicity and versatility of the course plan ensure that SMEs with various academic backgrounds are accommodated. Furthermore, the business school is completely FREE! The bank will also provide writing materials, breakfast, and lunch for all participants for the entire duration of the program. A certificate will be issued to all participants at the end of the program.

For answers to any questions, you may have about the business school, please click here.

All interested parties are welcome to register here. Although the slots are limited, we will be running this program at least twice every year, with in-class and online sessions, so you will be considered for other editions if you do not make the cut for this one.






So, just in case you are still not convinced, here are a few of the benefits you will stand to gain from being a participant:

  • A robust curriculum covering the broad areas of finance, marketing/sales, leadership, technology, strategy, innovation, and business transformation.
  • The services of top-notch consultants from within and outside Nigeria who would be facilitating this program. This includes representatives from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
  • Opportunities to network and rub minds with business owners and leaders from various sectors.
  • Did we mention that this will come at absolutely zero cost to you?

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Wema SME Business School today!

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