ALAT By Wema, Nigeria’s first digital bank, is hosting a speed-eating competition and here’s everything you need to know about it.

1. Who can compete? If you are a young Nigerian between the ages of 18 to 35, then you’re good to go! 

To enter, sign up on the ALAT app with the code ‘SQUAD’, then head over to their social media channels to complete the registration.

2. How do I know when I am selected? Stay connected! Ensure your email is active and that you are following on their social media pages; Facebook and Instagram for regular updates, also comment ‘i can eat’ on the food posts on the alat social media pages. The participation codes for each week  will be posted.

3. The Competition. To excel in this contest all you need to do is bring yourself and a big appetite. This challenge will test how fast you can finish a food item before your opponent. The current world record for eating a 12-inch pizza is 32.28 secs! That’s the size of a medium pizza. Whew!

 So how fast can you eat?

4. Fastest mouth (and fingers) takes all! The competition is open to you and your chosen friend, but just make sure that they type as fast as you eat. Because within the allotted time it takes you to eat, your friend has to complete the signup on the ALAT app.

5. Eat and Win! If contacted, you stand a chance to win ₦100k for eating! It doesn’t get more fun than that. You’re going to be battling with other people who believe they also have what it takes so be sure to bring your A-game. 

Register on the app now, follow ALAT on social media(IG, Facebook), and sit tight because you just might be on your way to being on the most anticipated eating contest!  

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