About Us


Corporate Profile

Wema Bank is the pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, and one of Nigeria’s most resilient banks. With decades of experience in the business of banking, the Bank has remained innovative in delivering value to its stakeholders. The publicly quoted Nigerian company has successfully built a legacy of trust and resilience that has won it the loyalty of its customers. The Bank is constantly introducing products and services tailored to the needs of its customers at every stage of their lives. It is a proud partner to more than one million individuals, families and businesses across Nigeria, helping them achieve their personal and financial goals.

A Mission For Every Day

If we were soldiers, this would be the mantra we scream before every battle. It is what we live for:

Empowering lives through innovation


A Vision Set In Stone

When people ask us what has kept us going for so long, our answer is always the same:

To be the dominant digital platform in Africa delivering seamless financial services

We strive to position ourselves as a leader in Africa’s financial services market through digital innovation

The Values We Live By:


Think Passion

We think of great and exciting ideas to solve problems that our customers care about. We design solutions that inspire joy

Think Progressive

We use cutting-edge technology, new developments and research-driven ideas to provide accessible solutions

Think Partnership

We care for and respect one another. We are thoughtful and recognize the differences that exist within each other. We welcome contributions from diverse perspectives and experiences.

Think Plenty

We aim to provide optimum returns to our stakeholders. We provide the best and most rewarding career to our workforce.


Think Play

We create a work environment that is conducive and devoid of intimidation. We nurture confidence, creativity and innovation.