The *945# Life

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The 945 way of life offers convenient banking at your fingertips. Just dial *945# to get started. 

Quick codes:

Buy Airtime

*945*phone Number*amount#



Send Money


Balance Enquiry


Change PIN


Get  your Account Number


Open Account


Change account number


Account Reactivation


Send Money to phone/email


Receive/ redeem money




Remita Payment


Card Control

*945*11*last four digits of card pan number#



Receive Western Union


Generate OTP


DSTV Subscription


GoTV Subscription


Startimes Payments




Smile Subscription Payments


Swift4GBroadband subscription


Merchant Payment



*945*23*LCC account number*AMOUNT#

Everyone with a Mobile Phone who wants to live the Easy Life!

To open a Wema Bank account, simply dial *945*1#, provide all the  information requested  and wait for the SMS notification that will contain your account number. Forms are not required to get your account number. Account number can receive money instantly. Visit the nearest branch for authentication and to complete the account opening process.

To recharge your phone instantly, dial *945*AMOUNT# from your registered number. You can also recharge for friends, family, acquaintances, and your second or third number. Simply dial *945*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT# recharge is available for all networks, just specify the network and input PIN when prompted.

For quick FUNDS TRANSFER on the go, dial *945*BENEFICIARYACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT# follow the prompts to select beneficiary’s bank and input PIN to transfer the specified amount to any bank in Nigeria. Maximum daily transfer Amount is N100,000.00. If you need to transfer more, please log into our WemaMobile/WemaOnline platform to transfer beyond this limit.

Need to check your balance without visiting the branch or an ATM, dial *945*0# provide your PIN when prompted and your balance is displayed. You can get your available and cleared balances anytime, anywhere, online real time.

Do you have the need to change your USSD PIN, dial *945*00# provide your current PIN and confirm the new PIN when prompted. Continue your transactions with your new pin.

No more hassles in linking your BVN to your account, dial *945*BVN# input your PIN when prompted and link your BVN instantly to your account. To get your already linked BVN, simply dial *945# select the ‘’Link BVN’’ option from the menu list, input your PIN when prompted to display your linked BVN.

Do you need instant cash and you don’t have your debit card with you, get your Cash-on-the-Go, dial *945*8*amount# follow the prompts to generate your withdrawal code and withdraw the specified amount maximum of  N20,000.00  per code and minimum of N1000. Amount should be in multiples of 1000s. Withdrawal can be done from any cardless withdrawal supported ATM machine nationwide.

Pay your bills with *945#, dial and select ‘’Pay Bills’’ option, select required biller from the available list, follow the prompts and pay all bills instantly within seconds.

...and much more, just dial *945# to begin!



Note to Self

  • Dial short code from my registered phone with the Bank
  • Daily transaction limit of N100,000
  • Self-generated PIN required to validate 3rd party transactions
  • Telco charges apply per session
  • Amount specified for transaction is debited from your Wema Bank account
  • Simple and convenient way of banking
  • Available 24/7
  • Transactions are completed in seconds
  • Available on all phone types
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No banking hall or forms
  • Access your account balance from anywhere
  • No need for hardware token
  • All transactions are completed within 20 seconds

Everyone with a Mobile Phone!

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November 22, 2017
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