Scam Alert Tips

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At Wema Bank, we are constantly making sure that your online personal account and banking details are always protected. 

To ensure that you do not become a victim of fraudulent websites and e-mails requesting you to update your banking details or PIN, kindly take note of the following in addition to other safety steps. 

Tip 1: NEVER SHARE your card/internet banking details, PIN or Token Codes with anyone 

Tip 2: WEMA BANK WILL NEVER ask you to send or update your account information online, especially your  password or PIN 

Tip 3: NEVER WRITE your password, Token codes, PIN or card/banking details anywhere or send it viachat, e-mail, SMS or any other medium 

Tip 4: ENSURE NO ONE is watching over your shoulders whilst entering you PIN during online purchase or at the ATM or PoS terminal 

Tip 5: ALWAYS ACCESS our internet banking platform through our safe and secure website only -

Tip 6: INFORM US IMMEDIATELY by calling our dedicated fraud desk on 012779836-7 or by sending an email to  if you think your card or banking details have been compromised in any manner, stolen or lost

Tip 7: YOU CAN ALSO INFORM US by calling 0-7000-PURPLE, 080-3900-3700, or by sending an SMS to  0705-111-2111

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February 17, 2018
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